Profile of the "Muyuju"

Mayumi Fukushima (dance and vocal),
Hitomi Kiriyama(dance and vocal) , 
Go Arai (violin and sitar) , Shiori Ishida (tabla)

The  "Muyuju" (pronounced Moo/You/Ju) was formed in 2008 by Odissi dancers Mayumi Fukushima and Hitomi Kiriyama to create a new dancexpression. Hindustani Classical musicians, Go Arai (violin and sitar) and Shiori Ishida (tabla) are part of the company. One of the characteristics of Muyuju is that the dancers usually sit on chairs while performing the dance. This is accompanied by the singing of Sanskrit songs or telling stories in an elegant way. Many aspects of Odissi dance are expressed more deeply in this manner.

  They performed at several places, for example, the Embassy of India, Buddhist temples, Fukushima city where the earthquake affected areas, and California in USA. From 2013, Rieko Kakihana participated in the production, Muyuju are trying to further development fusion of words and dance.

  Muyuju means Ashoka trees, the flowers of which are believed to remove people’s sorrow.

muyuju profile
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::: 14/Jul/2013 at Berkeley Piano Club